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Calling All 2011 Ohio LinuxFest Attendees!

We would really like to gather a teeny little bit of information about what you liked. I promise this can’t take more than a couple of minutes : And to make it worth your while, we will select one respondent at random to get a free Professional pass to the 2012 event, which gets …

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OpenSuse 12.1

Well, I just installed OpenSuse 12.1 on one of my computers. Another one of my New Year’s resolutions was to try some other distros. I picked OpenSuse because it is a KDE distro, and I definitely prefer KDE. I am hoping to find that RPM is better than it used to be. So far, YAST …

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Freedom is Never Free

The words we use to describe what we do can matter a lot in how we in the FOSS community think about what we do. Once upon a time there was Free Software, as defined by Richard Stallman in the famous Four Freedoms: The freedom to run the program, for any purpose (freedom 0). The …

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It’s Just Semantics

Yesterday I began my morning with a meeting involving members of various departments who are dealing with a major change to our IT systems. We are replacing a system from Vendor A with another from Vendor B, and just about everything changes. As a result, we have a lot of meetings. But I didn’t bring this …

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Trent Reznor on Social

This courtesy of the current issue of Wired magazine: “I don’t care what my friends are listening to. Because I’m cooler than they are.” So, can I claim that is why I’m not interested in social recommendations for music?

Android, Apple, and Market Dynamics

Or Why Tim Cook may be the world’s unluckiest man Please understand that I don’t wish anything bad to Tim Cook. I’ve never met the man. But I am observing something about the market dynamics in the smartphone and tablet market that I have not yet seen anyone else talk about. Eric Raymond in his …

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Ohio LinuxFest Registration is Open for Business!

The premier Linux event in the Mid-West USA will run Sept. 9 through Sept. 11 in Columbus, Ohio, and registration is now open to all. Keynoters include Cathy Malmrose, Bradley Kuhn, and Jon ‘maddog’ Hall. There is an extensive Medical track focusing on the use of Open Source in various aspects of medicine, training from …

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Wikipedia and The Consumer Internet

I was thinking today about something I have thought about before, but a new connection happened in my mind. It all started with Wikipedia. I use Wikipedia a lot, in fact I use it enough that I recently felt compelled to make a small donation, as I usually do for open projects I rely on …

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Indiana LinuxFest

We have a new arrival on the scene for Linux and FOSS fans. It is Indiana LinuxFest, and it is running from 3/25 through 3/27/11 in Indianapolis. The Web site with more details is at This looks like a nice addition and it comes at a time when we are coming out of our …

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New Slide Show created

It has been a while since I posted here, but I just finished a new slide show, called “Help, My Computer Is Sluggish!”. I have added it to the Slide Show section, where you can download the ODP file or just run the presentation in your Web browser.