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Ohio LinuxFest Registration and Contest Deadline Extended

Registration for the 2010 Ohio LinuxFest has been extended through September 8th, and the registration contest has also been extended until the 1,000th registration has been reached. One lucky registrant will win an upgrade to the Supporter Pass, or a Professional Pass registration for Ohio LinuxFest 2011 worth $350, at the choice of the winner. …

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Ohio LinuxFest is coming!

I just want to make sure everyone knows that Ohio LinuxFest is not that far off. It runs 9/10-12, with some great speakers such as Jon “maddog” Hall, Stormy Peters of the Gnome Project, and “Monty” Montgomery, creater of ogg and founder of, plus many other great speakers. This year the theme is “How …

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Hardware Discovery Commands

Did you ever find that you did not remember exactly what hardware you installed on your computer? Well, that happened to me just now. I had a situation about 6 months ago where I was trying to build a computer and things were going wrong. After buying various replacement parts and not fixing the situation, …

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The Perfect Apple Analogy

This comes from Jason Perlow, a tech columnist. He says that Apple is the North Korea of technology companies. It seems to be run by a relatively unhinged leader, everything is shrouded in darkness, and very little useful information leaks past its borders. See the full blog post here.

GIMP Links added

I am not an expert on the GIMP by any means, but I always like to improve. I have a digital camera now, and I want to get started taking pictures and doing things to them. We have a local camera club, and I have some friends there who are helping me to get started. …

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Slide Shows uploaded and ready to roll

One of the things I wanted to do when I set this site up was provide some of the content I have put together over the last couple of years. As an active member (and now President) of the Washtenaw Linux Users Group, I have done various presentations for our monthly meetings. I have also …

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NAS, Raid, and Unraid

These days many of us have home networks with multiple computers with growing collections of media files. And with that comes the idea of adding storage. Of course, you can add larger hard drives to your computers, but there are advantages to having Network-Attached Storage (NAS). One advantage is that it lets you make use …

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Freedom and Responsibility

Linux is an example of what is called Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), but the word free may require just a little unpacking to get at what is meant here. Free can mean “does not require the payment of money”, and to Linux users this is often stated as “Free as in beer.” This …

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Project Timelord, or How Not To Build A Project

As the latest versions of the Ubuntu family came out at the end of October, you could hear certain grumblings, particularly as regards the KDE version, Kubuntu. This was not a new issue, really. For the last few years there has been controversy and accusations about how Canonical has supported Kubuntu. For instance, Aaron Seigo …

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Linux Training Resources from IBM

A great resource for anyone who is interested in advancing a career in Linux is the IBM web site at This site has a lot of useful information, including some structured tutorials for LPI certification. To see the LPI tutorials, go to the Training link on the left (, and look for the “LPI …

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