Kevin O'Brien
Kevin O’Brien

Welcome to my site. I am a geek, Linux enthusiast, a retired Project Manager, and in general a tech lover. Here is a brief biography.

I came to Michigan in 1981 to attend Graduate School at the University of Michigan. I wanted to teach economics, and did so for a number of years at Concordia University. But along the way something happened. I had purchased an XT clone at the insistence of my committee chair at the University of Michigan, and found myself spending increasing time on the computer. Then the Internet came along. In no time I was lookingt for ways to use all of this wonderful technology in my classes. Then the Dean asked me to take on the responsibility of training my colleagues, so I became Faculty Development Officer. A few years later we had a reorganization, and I became part of the IT department. I had responsibilities for managing the Help Desk, for managing the Web Site, and as Sysadmin for WebCT. Then a new administration came in with their own IT plans, and our department was wiped out.

I then moved into IT in a hospital setting,  and got involved in managing the installation of a several systems. Along the way I got steered into Project Management, and obtained my certification as a PMP. My projects tended to be IT-related, though very little of what I worked with on the job was Open Source. But I enjoyed my work, and it also paid the bills. Eventually I got hired at Ford Motor Credit, again managing the installation of systems, and retired in 2019 when Ford decided to cut staff.

I have a variety of interests, and this is one of three sites (for now) that I am developing. This site will focus on Linux and Open Source software. I have another site that is more general computing,  (ahuka.com), and one that I have developed around everything else, including books I have read, Doctor Who, gaming, and travel (palain.com). If any of those topics interest you, please visit those sites as well.

Re: Zwilnik – This word comes from a series of novels called the Lensmen series by E.E. “Doc” Smith. This series is considered the pre-eminent example of “Space Opera”, and I have read and re-read them constantly since I was a boy. And how many 7-letter domain names are not taken yet, anyway?<g>

You can e-mail me at zwilnik@zwilnik.com

My Mastodon account: Mastodon

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  1. I was messing around googling to see if “zwilnik” had a definition in the internet (cus there’s someone I am tempted to tell “look it up” and here was your site….you don’t seem to be a zwilnik….you’re a diehard fan of the series as am I…why would you pick that? I just searched http://www.lensman.com and that is seemingly available as nothing comes up… 😉

    • Kevin on April 9, 2014 at 8:43 am

    Cat, you got me. Yes, I am a huge fan of Doc Smith, in fact I am in the middle of one of my periodic re-readings of everything he has written, and this will be in e-book form since all of his stuff is now available. And I have to admit I am not a drug dealer, in fact I don’t drink, smoke, or use any drugs at all. But the word zwilnik is kind of fun, and the domain was available.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Kevin O’Brien aka zwilnik

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