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  • the “top” command in Full Circle Magazine
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Once upon a time I had a huge collection of books that took up most of the room in my house. As I was a college professor at the time, I used to joke that it was how academics mark their territory. But that has changed for me. I now purchase eBooks almost exclusively because …

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Output of the HTOP command

The “top” command

Note: This article originally ran in Full Circle Magazine Issue #61, May, 2012. <h2>Use The TOP Command</h2> One of the great advantages of using Linux is that there are some great tools available to help you understand what is going on with your computer and diagnose possible problems. One of the most useful is the top command. I am going to cover some of the …

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Freedom is not Free

Note: This article originally ran as an Opinion piece in Full Circle Magazine Issue #65, September,2012. It was compiled from my earlier blog posts. The words we use to describe what we do can matter a lot in how we in the FOSS community think about what we do. Once upon a time, there was Free Software, as defined by Richard Stallman in …

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Who Owns Your Files

This appeared as an opinion piece in Full Circle Magazine Issue #68, December 2012 Recently a Norwegian Kindle owner named Linn suddenly found her Kindle had been wiped clean of all the books she had purchased from Amazon. Whether this was a simple mistake or yet another act of evilness is not the main point …

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Google Play Music All Access

This appeared as a review in Full Circle Magazine Issue #78, October 2013 Like many people I enjoy listening to music, and having my music with me everywhere is important. And I have a large music collection to draw on. Trying to have everything with me at all times is a bit of a problem, …

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