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ActivityPub Conference 2020

This was a virtual conference in this year of the plague, but there were still some interesting talks and I want to review the goings-on. As I have said previously, I am a big fan of ActivityPub, and I think it is an important development in federated social media. And I think the virtual conference worked reasonably well. There were a number of speakers:

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ActivityPub 2020: Evan Prodromou

To kick off the ActivityPub conference we had Evan Prodromou, who is perhaps the father of Federated social media due to his creation of and He was also the Chair of the W3C’s Federated Social Web Community Group, served on the W3C’s Social Web Working Group, and is a co-editor of ActivityPub. His …

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ActivityPub Conference 2020: Nilesh Trivedi

Building a better Goodreads with ActivityPub At the Virtual ActivityPub Conference of 2020 Nilesh gave a talk that got my attention called Building a better Goodreads with ActivityPub. I was interested in this because I have a Goodreads account, which I am reasonably happy with, but I wanted to see the alternative. And one reason …

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