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Turning Off Comments

I wish this was not necessary, but the fact is that virtually all of the comments that people attempt to post on my site are spam. I was manually moderating, but it seems like a waste of time at this point. If you are  a real person you can probably figure out how to reach …

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Stop Buying from Dell Computer

At a recent company meeting in Denmark, something very disturbing happened. An “entertainer” was brought on stage right after Michael Dell and proceeded to complement the crowd on not having many women. He then said IT should remain a bastion of male privilege, and the the way to address women as “Shut up, bitches.” You …

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The openSUSE adventure: Installing Packages

Well, I learned some more today in trying to install the software I use all of the time. As a long-time Kubuntu user I was used to how they set up their repositories, I know all of the command-line tricks for using apt, and none of that is any use to me now.:) But I …

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It’s Just Semantics

Yesterday I began my morning with a meeting involving members of various departments who are dealing with a major change to our IT systems. We are replacing a system from Vendor A with another from Vendor B, and just about everything changes. As a result, we have a lot of meetings. But I didn’t bring this …

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Trent Reznor on Social

This courtesy of the current issue of Wired magazine: “I don’t care what my friends are listening to. Because I’m cooler than they are.” So, can I claim that is why I’m not interested in social recommendations for music?

The Perfect Apple Analogy

This comes from Jason Perlow, a tech columnist. He says that Apple is the North Korea of technology companies. It seems to be run by a relatively unhinged leader, everything is shrouded in darkness, and very little useful information leaks past its borders. See the full blog post here.

GIMP Links added

I am not an expert on the GIMP by any means, but I always like to improve. I have a digital camera now, and I want to get started taking pictures and doing things to them. We have a local camera club, and I have some friends there who are helping me to get started. …

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