Ohio LinuxFest is coming!

I just want to make sure everyone knows that Ohio LinuxFest is not that far off. It runs 9/10-12, with some great speakers such as Jon “maddog” Hall, Stormy Peters of the Gnome Project, and “Monty” Montgomery, creater of ogg and founder of Xiph.org, plus many other great speakers.

This year the theme is “How Will Free Change the World”, and in the wake of the SCOracle lawsuit I think the idea of free software is more important than ever.

Another very timely focus this year is on the use of free software in the medical field. You may now be aware of just how much of the Health Care Reform is focused on IT, and we want to make sure that free software gets every chance to be a part of it. So there is a full track of medical-oriented talks looking at how free software is impacting the practice of medicine. You won’t want to miss it.

You can register for the conference here, and book a hotel room here. But don’t delay, because it is filling up fast!